We are a translation company.  We’ll take your files [or anything else]  in any format and transform them into the languages you require so that your target audience can understand you perfectly.  Our translators are full-time, degree-educated native speakers and they live in-country [e.g. any work into Japanese will be done by a translator who lives in Japan] so they fully understand cultural nuances to support fluency in their native language.  We test and allocate the best translator for your work, and they will complete all your projects after that, ensuring not just the best quality, but also excellent consistency.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Naturally, we send your files back to you in the format you request, but if the project requires desktop publishing [DTP] in the target languages, we can do that too for a very small additional charge. If you are working with InDesign or similar software for brochures, data sheets etc, we recommend our language DTP experts take care of the formatting for you, so you can be sure the finished result is accurate and ready-to-publish

Our team can work with any file formats and within any content management system, so you can be sure your finished project is not just correctly translated, but is completely fit-for-purpose in the other languages


Multilingual Podcasts

One of the fastest-growing and most successful ways to reach your staff, clients and prospects is via promotional or educational podcasts.

Byword’s extensive translation and voiceover experience means those podcasts can be rapidly reproduced in any language to access millions, or even billions, of new clients.  Just 5 languages [English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi] are spoken as a first language by 2.4 Billion people.

All we need from you is your original English podcast.  We will transcribe the text, translate to the languages you require and then re-record with talented voice actors in the target languages, providing you with a podcast that can promote your company all over the globe.

There is no minimum order-we can produce one short podcast into one language, or hundreds of podcasts into dozens of languages-just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen

Byword Studio: Since 2009 our state-of-art studio has averaged 700 major voiceover assignments each year across most industries, covering  e-learning, podcasts, film dubbing and subtitling.

Our Voice Artist roster totals just over 4000, with a core group of 600 that we use regularly.

They all have professional recording equipment in their homes and access to local studios where required.  Post-production is completed in our own studio.

This model allows us to use outstanding voice talent but keep costs to a minimum, whilst providing excellent quality.

Machine Translation [MT]

MT is not the enemy of the professional translator.  It can be used for large volumes of words in a very short time and can even be edited afterwards by a human translator to improve quality.  MT gets better every year and is suitable for a wide range of purposes, especially e-commerce where millions of words require frequent updates.

Most of our language combinations use Neural machine translation (NMT). This uses an artificial neural network to predict the likelihood of a sequence of words, creating entire sentences in a single integrated model. Until recently, most MT has been purely based on the statistical model. This service is based on Microsoft’s industry-leading MT software

Voice-over & Subtitling

If you need your video voiced in a different language, we’ll do that too, in a state-of-the art recording studio that guarantees excellent quality.  Our experts are voice actors, so you can select the style and accent that best fits your needs.  Subtitling provides an alternative to voice-over that some clients prefer, and our experts can produce hours of subtitled video per day in each language



Transcreation is the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context.  Our experts will take your copy and convert it to text that is not just translated, but is culturally-sensitive and perfect for the target audience in your clients' countries



This is the art of making a translation appear specifically local to certain area, using not just locally-used terms and phrases but also local weights and measures, flags, types of transport etc.

Culturalisation goes deeper and makes sure the language used reflects local beliefs, history, geography and particularly context etc; it is particularly relevant in movies or gaming.