Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much does translation cost?

We charge by the word and do a full quote for you before we start any work.  Each language is priced differently because the translators are based in their native countries e.g. Canadian French will be done by a translator based in Canada.  There are no hidden costs and we can usually do a full quote in under 15 minutes

How long will my project take?

Our professional translators will complete up to 2000 new words per working day, plus we need a little time to process your files and apply final quality control, so for a 10,000 word project we would estimate 5 days for the translation and one day for completion and quality control.

In an emergency or with a very tight deadline we can assign 2 or 3 translators which means 4000-6000 words per day is possible

Our Machine Translation service can produce millions of words in just a few hours and is suitable for many situations including e-commerce and internal documents

Can you work with different file types?

Our file engineers can manage all file types and work within any software when required

Are my files and data secure?

Most definitely: Our management system is  ISO 27001 [information security] certified

How many languages do you provide?

We can work in any language combination

Do you only work for businesses or do you do private work too?

Most of our work is for businesses but we can provide translations for private individuals and we accept payment online.  Contact [email protected] for an immediate quote

Do you provide certified translations?

The process for certification in the UK is very different to the rest of the world.  We provide free certification for all translations on request.  Please see the UK government guidelines on translation certification Certifying a document  [scroll to the bottom of the link]


What are your operating hours?

We have clients all over the globe so we operate a 24/7 service


I'm a translator-how do I register to work for you?

In the first instance send your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]